Today, the Coalition is engaged in a national effort to educate the public and policymakers about the necessary steps to achieve a health system that is sustainable, affordable, and fair. Since lasting leadership is needed to navigate the complex challenges of health system reform, the Coalition is working with key organizations to strengthen multi-stakeholder collaboration and increase related civic engagement.

The National Coalition on Health Care (NCHC), in its inaugural Congressional Report Card, grades the 113th Congress’  progress thus far in three areas of health policy where common-ground, bipartisan solutions were possible: modernizing physician payment and SGR repeal, price and quality transparency, and strengthening Medicare. NCHC concludes that, despite the promising efforts of stakeholders and Congressional champions, Congress as a whole fails to make the grade in curbing health care costs.

NCHC Plan for Health and Fiscal Policy

The National Coalition on Health Care, working with its member organizations representing consumers, providers, employers, and health plans, has developed a new path forward on health policy. The NCHC plan is designed to improve quality of care even as it curbs unnecessary growth in costs by transforming incentives for all actors in our health system–consumers, providers, and payers alike.ig

NCHC Fact Sheets and Issue Briefs

Americans face serious health care challenges: rising costs, barriers to access and affordability, and real gaps in care quality, especially for certain chronic diseases. While these challenges affect all of us, they are most acute when we are at our most vulnerable, such as when we confront old age, face disability, weather economic hardship, or reside in communities afflicted by health disparities.

Amidst the sometimes heated debates around health care and the federal deficit, ordinary citizens and health care advocates alike need to be informed and engaged. NCHC’s Fact Sheets outline the pros and cons of selected policy options that are often debated in Washington. NCHC’s Issue Briefs provide a more detailed introduction to key policy problems and proposals to address them.

NCHC Policy Correspondence

As part of its mission to bring together stakeholders to achieve an affordable, high-value health system, NCHC advocates for constructive policy change. While some members of NCHC do not, or cannot, take positions either on specific legislation, strategies or on any policies outside their respective mission areas, all that can, do endorse broad policy positions in support of comprehensive health system change.

NCHC Report on US Health Cost Growth

It has been well established that the American health system is one characterized by high and rising costs. A variety of causes and structural deficiencies in the health system can be attributed to this growth in health costs, and each will require a number of different approaches to address them. In 2012, the National Coalition on Health Care released a review of these health cost drivers.